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In 1978 within the Ç.U. DEPARTMENT -department of mechanical engineering- which was founded within the faculty of engineering and architecture began its Turkish undergraduate program which contained topics of overall mechanical engineering in 1979-80 academic year.

Ç.U. In department of mechanical engineering, "Normal Education" which was mainly English (%60) was began in 1990-1991 academic year, "Normal Education" which was %100 English began in 1995-1996 academic year.

Ç.U. In the evening education which was started in 1993-1994 academic year within the department of mechanical engineering, compulsory English education has been maintained since 1997-1998 academic year.

In our Department, students that finish the undergraduate program get the title of "Mechanical Engineer". Ç.U. In the department of mechanical engineering, master program was started in 1982-1983 academic year and doctorate program was started in 1984-1985 academic year. Students that finish master program get the title of "Mechanical Engineer MSC", students that finish doctorate program get the title of "Doctor of Science".

In the department of mechanical engineering, there are six departments: machine theory and dynamic, construction and production, thermodynamics, energy, mechanics and automotive. Each department has its own laboratories. In this laboratories, service whichis aimed at education and also social life is given. Ç.U. As the date of September 2014, 31 academicians -11 professors, 3 assistant professors, 17 research assistants- study in the departments of mechanical engineering.

Heat transfer in different objects, solar power, heat pumps, regenerator, heat exchangers, utilization of waste heat, exsiccation, kinematic analysis and designing, designing and production of several machines, biomechanics, hydraulic and pneumatic systems and control of these systems, practical fluid mechanics, computer aided designing and production, production techniques, mechanical vibrations, stress analysis, composite materials can be listed as a main research topics of academicians.

Cukurova University Department of Mechanical Engineering
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